Trussing a Chicken

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Love Your Leftovers

Love Your Leftovers

By Nick Evans

Published 2014

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It’s not entirely necessary to truss your bird, but it does help the chicken cook evenly. If you want to try trussing, this is how I do it.
  1. Whether you are trussing your chicken or not, tuck the wings back under the bird so they will not burn during roasting.
  2. Start with a 2- to 3-foot piece of kitchen twine and loop it under the drumsticks, then cross the ends and bring them down through the center of the drumsticks, pulling them together snug.
  3. Keeping some tension on the twine, wrap it around the bird, pulling the thighs in tight to the sides of the chicken. Your two twine ends should now be up toward the neck of the chicken. Sometimes it helps to flip the bird over during this step.
  4. Tug the twine to tighten and tie it off around the neck of the chicken. Cut off any extra twine and you’re ready to roast!