Finding the Time to Cook

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Love Your Leftovers

Love Your Leftovers

By Nick Evans

Published 2014

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I believe cooking is an incredibly important skill for anyone who cares about feeding his or her friends and family good, healthy meals. Once you get the hang of it, you can save money, eat healthier, and possibly (just possibly) have fun.
That said, I’m not one of those people who’s going to pull your leg and tell you that this book is filled with quick meals that take no time at all. Nope. Some of these recipes do take time, and I hope that, as you explore what’s here, you’ll find time to try them. If you’ve read my blog,, you’ll know that I’m very upfront about the work a dish requires. You won’t find any surprises here, either. If I say a dish takes thirty minutes, that means it took thirty minutes for me to make in my home kitchen with no help and most likely with some distractions. But I won’t lie. There are some recipes in this book that have the word “hours” in the cook time.