Let’s Cook Beautiful Rice!

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Onigiri: Fun and creative recipes for Japanese rice balls

By Sanae Inada

Published 2018

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There are many ways of cooking rice but I would like to introduce you to the typical Japanese way of cooking rice. By paying attention to how you cook rice, the grains will turn out shiny and plump and you will be surprised at how sweet and delicious the rice is! Rice is a dried food. In the same manner as dried beans, vegetables and seaweed, it needs to be handled with care when storing and cooking. Here are some tips to cook beautiful rice:
1. It is very important to check the rice grains carefully before washing. Just a few grains of bad rice will affect the taste and appearance of the lot of cooked rice. When you are scooping rice into the pot or rice cooker, make a quick check and discard any discoloured grains.