Holding Hollandaise Sauce

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Professional Cooking

Professional Cooking

By Wayne Gisslen

Published 2014

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Hollandaise sauce, as well as other sauces in this family, poses a special safety problem. It must be kept warm for service, but it must be held at 145°F (63°C) so the eggs don’t curdle. Unfortunately, this is only slightly above the Food Danger Zone, at which bacteria grow quickly. Therefore, extra care must be taken to avoid food-borne diseases.
The following sanitation procedures must be observed to avoid the danger of food poisoning:
  1. Make sure all equipment is perfectly clean.
  2. Hold sauce no longer than 2 hours. Make only enough to serve in this time, and discard any that is left over.
  3. Never mix an old batch of sauce with a new batch.
  4. Never hold hollandaise or béarnaise—or any other acid product—in aluminum. Use stainless-steel containers.