To Sterilize the Jars

Appears in

The Settlement Cook Book

By Lizzie Black Kander

Published 1903

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For a small family use pint jars. Buy jars with tight-fitting covers, and fit them each with new rubber rings. Old rubber becomes porous and lets in air. Fit each jar with a ring and a cover; pour water into them and invert them to see if they are air-tight If not, do not use them. Having the jars, covers, and rings in perfect condition, the next thing is to wash and sterilize them.
Have two pans partially filled with cold water. Put some jars in one, laying them on their sides, and some covers in the other. Place the pans on the stove where the water will heat to the boiling point. The water should boil at least ten or fifteen minutes. Have on the stove a shallow milk pan in which there is about 2 inches of boiling water. Sterilize the cups, spoons, and funnel, if you use one by immersing in boiling water for a few minutes. When ready to put the prepared fruit in the jars slip a broad skimmer under a jar and lift it and drain free of water.