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A Feast of Fish 2

A Feast of Fish 2

by Ian McAndrew


In A Feast of Fish, Ian McAndrew, Michelin-star chef and restaurateur with over 25 years experience in fish cookery, sets out to educate and enthuse even the most timid of cooks. He offers sound advice on how to select the best fresh fish and shellfish and then guides the reader through preparation techniques with the aid of clear step-by-step illustrations. The recipe collection features over 150 innovative recipes, ranging from the simple to the elaborate, and includes modern classics such as bass, monkfish and tuna and the more traditional choices such as salmon, sole and haddock.

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Little, Brown & Company
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Recommended by

Andy Lynes

Freelance journalist and author

McAndrew is a hugely knowledgeable and technically brilliant cook and this book is full of delicious, inventive seafood dishes. Arranged by variety of fish and shellfish, there's a useful and informative introduction to each chapter followed by about half a dozen recipes. Some are challenging but most are very achievable. The book contains the best recipe for salsa verde I've ever found and a great one for 'Sauce Jacqueline', a classic fish stock, wine and butter sauce flavoured with red peppers and paprika to be served with poached fish.