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The Art of the Chocolatier

The Art of the Chocolatier

by Ewald Notter


For the baker looking to perfect their chocolate work from every angle, Ewald Notter uses his decades of experience in both practice and instruction to guide the eager chocolatier to success. In The Art of the Chocolatier, Notter provides step-by-step guidance for chocolate ganache, praline, bases and tubes, décor, and more, keeping the focus equally trained on artistic appeal and taste.

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Expert pastry chef Ewald Notter shares wisdom gained from more than 35 years in the pastry kitchen, and combines lessons on artistry and technique into the ultimate guide to chocolate work. . . .Throughout, techniques are explain with simple, step-by-step instructions. . . .while stunning beauty shots of chocolate showpieces and candies are truly works of art provide inspiration

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John Wiley & Sons
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Aneesh Popat


For anybody aspiring to become a chocolatier or fascinated with the art of chocolate making, this book has it all. From pralines and ganaches to decorations and molding.