Rolled Flowers


The rolled technique creates a more complicated, “busy” flower. These flowers look best on simpler, quiet showpieces that do not have a lot of other movement or color.


  1. Dampen the marble with a little bit of water and place an acetate sheet on the marble. Spread a thin layer of tempered chocolate, no thicker than 1/16 inch/1.5 mm, onto the acetate sheet in a rectangle at least 16½ × 11½ in/406 × 293 mm. Let the chocolate set for about a minute.
  2. As soon as the chocolate begins to set, use a paring knife to cut elongated curved diamond shapes through the chocolate, being careful not to cut through the acetate (see template). A paring knife works best for this, because an Exacto knife is too sharp to cut the chocolate without cutting through the acetate as well. Use up the entire rectangle of chocolate to create enough petals for the flower.
  3. Place a sheet of parchment paper on the top of the cut chocolate and loosely roll the acetate sheet up diagonally to form a tube approximately in/64 mm in diameter. This entire technique of cutting and rolling must be completed before the chocolate is completely set.
  4. Let the rolled up acetate sheet and chocolate set for at least 30 minutes at room temperature or 5 minutes in the refrigerator.
  5. Once the chocolate is completely set, unroll the acetate sheet. The curls should naturally fall off the sheet onto your work surface.
  6. To assemble the flower, set two Styrofoam squares on the marble and cover each piece of Styrofoam with parchment paper. This will help keep the temperature of the chocolate steady, since the marble may be too cold.
  7. Pipe a small circle of tempered chocolate at least 1 in/25 mm in diameter onto each piece of Styrofoam. One will be used as a base for assembling the flower, and the other to adhere the petals. It is very important to pipe the base circle to 1 in/25 mm or more in diameter to keep the flower from falling apart when it is sprayed or touched during the assembly process.
  8. Starting with the longer petals first, dip the center of each petal into one of the circles of chocolate, then place the petals onto the other piped circle. Begin by placing the first two petals in an X formation, one on top of the other, then continue laying additional petals over the first two, working around in a circular formation and overlapping the center of each petal over the others until you have made one complete circle. Then add half-petals in between the larger ones, dipping each into the piped chocolate before placing it down on the flower, to achieve a realistic effect. If necessary, break some of the curled petals to get the size and shape needed to complete the design of the flower.
  9. To complete the flower, create a small chocolate sphere using a sphere mold and use tempered chocolate to attach it in the center of the petals. Place the completed flower in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  10. Remove the flower from the freezer and, if using dark or milk chocolate, immediately use an airbrush to spray it with white cocoa butter. Priming the chocolate by spraying it with white cocoa butter before spraying on a color will help to intensify whatever color is used next.
  11. Use an airbrush to spray the desired color cocoa butter over the white primer. If the flower is sprayed immediately after removal from the freezer, it will create a velvet sheen because the cocoa butter will set immediately upon contact with the flower. If the color is not applied fast enough, the tips of the petals can defrost and the chocolate will become shiny instead of maintaining a velvet texture. You may want to keep a cold spray on hand to keep the chocolate cold throughout the spraying process.
  12. If desired, attach gold leaf flakes in the middle of the flower using a brush or a pencil eraser. This looks especially good on a darker colored flower.

  • – Use a paring knife to cut elongated diamond shapes through the chocolate.

  • – Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the chocolate and roll diagonally.

  • – Unroll the acetate sheet and the curls will naturally release.

  • – Assemble the flower on one piece of Styrofoam, and use the other for dipping the petals in chocolate.

  • – Break some of the petals as needed to achieve the desired shape.

  • – Spray the frozen flower first with white and then with red cocoa butter.