Piped-Together Curls

Shaved Flowers

Shaved flowers get their name from the shaving technique used to create the petals. This technique gives a different shape and look to the finished flower.


  1. Thinly spread tempered chocolate onto the marble using an offset spatula. Spread the chocolate thin enough so that the marble shows through ever so slightly, but no thinner. If it is spread too thin, the petals will be too fragile to assemble into a flower. Let the chocolate set. This will take about 1 minute for dark chocolate or up to 2 minutes for milk or white chocolate, depending on the temperature of the room and marble.
  2. As soon as the chocolate is set, rewarm it by gently rubbing the top surface of the chocolate with the palm of your hand. This will enhance the flexibility of the chocolate.
  3. Immediately after warming the chocolate, place a round cutter about 4 in/100 mm in diameter at one edge of the chocolate. Holding the cutter at approximately a 45-degree angle, pull it toward you in a quick, steady motion to produce a chocolate curl. While the chocolate is still on the warm side, pulling the cutter through it will cause it to roll up and form a rosebud.
  4. As the chocolate becomes cooler, continue using the same technique to form petals. Holding the cutter at an angle of less than 45 degrees will create wider petals, and holding it at an angle greater than 45 degrees will result in narrower petals. Timing is essential for this technique. If the chocolate is too warm when you begin curling the chocolate, it will stick to the cutter and will not curl up correctly. If the chocolate is too cold, it will break and will not curl at all. You will need anywhere from 12 to 20 petals, depending on the desired size of the flower.
  5. To assemble the flower, set two Styrofoam squares on the marble and cover each piece of Styrofoam with parchment paper. This will help keep the temperature of the chocolate steady, since the marble may be too cold.
  6. Pipe a small circle of tempered chocolate at least 1 in/25 mm in diameter onto each piece of Styrofoam. One will be used as a base for the assembling of the flower, and the other to adhere the petals. It is very important to pipe the base circle to 1 in/25 mm or more in diameter to keep the flower from falling apart when it is sprayed or touched during the assembly process.
  7. Place the rosebud into the piped chocolate on one of the Styrofoam squares. One by one, dip the base of each petal into the other pool of chocolate and then place the petals around the rosebud, overlapping each petal slightly over the previous one.
  8. When all the petals have been added, use an airbrush to spray water-based color over the entire flower. Then airbrush just the tips of the petals with a contrasting water color, if desired. It is not necessary to use colored cocoa butter because the shaved chocolate’s unique texture can absorb the water color. Note that if the flower is made of white chocolate and will be stored or displayed in a room with high humidity, the color may turn darker or more intense due to the high sugar content of the chocolate.

  • – Spread the chocolate thin enough so that you can see the marble through the chocolate.

  • – Use a cutter to pull the chocolate toward you, producing a curl.

  • – While rosebuds can be created by shaving off warmer chocolate, petals are formed from colder chocolate.

  • – Pipe small circles of chocolate onto paper that is resting on Styrofoam and place the rosebud on one circle.

  • – Use the second circle to dip the petals when assembling the flower.

  • – Use water color to airbrush the finished flower.