Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Essentials

Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Essentials

by Le Cordon Bleu

from the publisher

A concise, colorful resource for both the novice cook and experienced chef
This comprehensive, highly illustrated book is chock–full of enlightening and eye–opening culinary information, covering a vast range of topics that teach readers what they need to know to be successful in the kitchen—from cooking techniques and equipment to essential ingredients. Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Essentials offers expert guidance on everything from choosing pots and pans to deboning poultry to storing ingredients—as well as logical solutions to common mistakes. The easy–to–follow text, clearly defined terms, and uncommonly helpful tips make this reference a must–have for all modern kitchens. It demonstrates techniques with 1,100 step–by–step color photographs. Plus, the book outlines the vast range of equipment, along with buying tips and cleaning and care information. Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Essentials illustrates the cleaning and preparation of food, as well as cooking times and features classic recipes to teach the principal uses of each ingredient.

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