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The Claire Macdonald Cookbook

The Claire Macdonald Cookbook

by Claire Macdonald

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Clarissa Dickson Wright, now famous for her role in Two Fat Ladies, has described Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye as 'the hotel where Claire Macdonald and her husband Godfrey cheerfully dispense peace, good humour and wonderful food'. Distilled from Claire's years of cooking at Kinloch Lodge, this is a celebratory collection of the best of the recipes from her many books together with much new material. Revised and updated to take account of the health and weight conscious noughties, the recipes range exhaustively across soups, first courses, fish, poultry and game, meat, eggs, vegetables (both as a main course and a side dish), salads, pasta and rice, stocks, sauces and a selection of delicious breads, cakes and puddings in every shape and form. Claire Macdonald, whose hallmarks are the use of fresh, seasonal country ingredients, and practical down-to-earth methods, is justly renowned for her cookery writing. Whether providing ideas for informal family fare, intimate gourmet meals or special occasion dishes, Claire is a remarkably reliable source of foolproof and marvellous recipes. The Claire Macdonald Cookbook is an indispensable addition to every cook's bookshelf.

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