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Floyd on Spain

Floyd on Spain

by Keith Floyd


BBC celebrity chef Keith Floyd explores the diversity in Spanish cuisine in Floyd on Spain. His familiar enthusiasm will lead you through the steps to prepare Spanish dishes from the classics—Chicken in Catalan- or Granada-style—to the less well-known—St. Antonio’s Stew or Almagro Partridge. Including narrative pictures of a dish’s context, Floyd’s endearing, tongue-in-cheek humor is as colorful as Iberian cuisine itself.

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Celebrates the strongly regional cuisine of Spain with its different historical influences, with stews and soups from Galicia, Basque cuisine, rice recipes from Valencia and Moorish sweet dishes from Andalucia.

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Michael Joseph
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Angela Clutton

Food writer

Keith Floyd in the form of this book has accompanied me on many holidays to Andalucia and has never let me down as an interesting, helpful, fun and tasty companion (who is always ready to suggest a glass of something delicious).