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China: A Cookbook

China: A Cookbook

by Terry Tan


Singapore-born Terry Tan is an expert on Chinese cuisines, and this award-winning title book is his magnum opus. Rich in history, it’s a detailed, painstakingly researched foray into the ingredients, cooking techniques, topography, and food and social traditions of regional China. And, of course, there are recipes: 300+ of them, largely within the capabilities of the home cook.

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WINNER 'BEST CHINA COOKBOOK' IN GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS 2020/1 From bustling cosmopolitan cities to remote rural landscapes, this comprehensive volume explores the varied food and cooking of China with fascinating background information on the local geography and culinary history. Bringing together classic dishes, from the old imperial kitchens of Beijing to the tea houses of southern China, expert Terry Tan explores the diverse regions and introduces the reader to local ingredients and cooking methods. Chinese food is justifiably loved the world over, but take a closer look, and you'll discover that there is much more to this nation's cooking than the dishes offered at many restaurants. From aromatic soups and simple stir-fries, and rice and noodle staples, to banquet-style roasted meats, with congees, dim sum, and sizzling street food along the way, this is a must-have reference for anyone who is passionate about the food of China. A culinary tour of China, spanning the Mandarin cooking of the north, Cantonese dishes in the south, Sichuan food in the east and Shanghai cuisine in the west. An extensive introduction explores the history and traditions, the ingredients and how to prepare and use them, and clear step-by-step recipes will guide you to success, with evocative images throughout. Recipes include all the well-known classics - Beijing Duck, Crispy Chilli Beef, Pork Dumplings, Dan-Dan Noodles - as well as unusual local delicacies such as Lobster Noodles, Beggars' Chicken, Black Rice Porridge, and Red Beans in Syrup.

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