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Regional Cooking of England

Regional Cooking of England

by Carol Wilson

from the publisher

Sussex pond pudding, fruit crumbles, trifle, steak and oyster pie, raised pork pies, scones, stotties, Bosworth jumbles, the full English... In this book you'll find everything from old-fashioned favourites and current classics to less well known, almost forgotten historical dishes (a few of which might raise an eyebrow), along with many wonderful local recipes.

The collection offers a glorious illustration of England's splendid culinary diversity. The recipes are easy to follow, with accessible ingredients, and achievable in today's modern kitchens. Introductory chapters detail the history of cooking and eating in England, the feasts and festivals, high days and holidays, eating habits and ingredients. This glorious cookbook offers the true taste of England, and a fascinating glimpse of the past. The food of England has been shaped partly by the temperate climate and geography of the British Isles, but also by the nation's history of invasion, settlement and immigration. The English have had a stream of foreign influences to enrich their culinary development, initially from the European mainland, but also from the Americas, Asia and the Far East. Local specialities and traditional recipes play a role in creating the distinctive food identity of each region.

This comprehensive and sumptuous book is both a history and an inspiration, and a journey down memory lane. There are childhood classics and comfort favourites in here - shepherd's pie and jammy tarts - as well as elaborate celebration centrepieces that might be more admired than attempted, but seeing these raised game pies and wobbling domed blancmange could tempt you to try. Learn how to make a proper Spotted Dick, or Plum Pudding, or Cabinet Pudding - a Beef Wellington, a Hindle Wake (whole cold chicken in sauce). It's not all fancy, there are boiled eggs with soldiers, sausage and mash, and Toad in the Hole. There are Bath buns, Sally Lunn buns, Devonshire Splits... Simnel Cake, Roly Poly, Lemon Meringue Pie and Lemon Drizzle.

Gorgeous photographs and tried-and-tested recipes make everything easy to follow. This collection is guaranteed to have something that will nudge a memory, surprise you, make you smile, and take you to the kitchen.

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