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Secrets of Colombian Cooking

Secrets of Colombian Cooking

by Patricia McCausland-Gallo


“Colombia is a civilization that uses food as a social currency,” writes the author, who eloquently outlines her home country’s varied cuisine, from its five climatic zones and the departments within them. The family-style dishes include the familiar (arepas, ceviche, a host of spicy salsas) and many less well known, including special-occasion dishes (such as Stuffed Drunken Turkey and Hayacas, both served at Christmas). The book is written with deep knowledge and clear passion.

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From the coffee and cacao grown high in the Andes Mountains, to the tropical fruits of the Caribbean and Amazonian regions, the great cattle farms on the plains, and bountiful seafood from the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Colombia is a country of varied and exotic culinary offerings.

Now updated with a new chapter on lighter Colombian fare, this bestselling Hippocrene cookbook shares even more secrets from this beloved cuisine. With a 16-page color insert, glossary of Colombian foods and ingredients, an introduction to Colombia’s cuisine and regions, and of course, over 200 easy-to-follow recipes, this cookbook brings the vibrant culinary tradition of Colombia alive!

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