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Silk Road Vegetarian: Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Recipes for the Mindful Cook

Silk Road Vegetarian: Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Recipes for the Mindful Cook

by Dahlia Abraham-Klein

from the publisher

The culturally diverse foods of the Silk Road originated in the limited choices, contrasting tastes and textures used to create tantalising flavours; and an emphasis on organic and vegetarian dishes, stemming from the many religions spread throughout the region. In every way, the dishes found in Silk Road Vegetarian are inspired by this history, linking us to a once-rich and dynamic civilization while addressing contemporary trends that, surprisingly, share the same values: health, sustainability and locally sourced food. Gluten-free recipes like Bengali Potato and Zucchini Curry, Afghan Moussaka Eggplant with Yoghurt Sauce, and Bukharian Crock Pot Rice with Dried Fruit will amaze and delight the modern cook. Vegetarian cooking at its finest, Silk Road Vegetarian provides an astonishing array of dishes sure to inspire the home cook. Preparation and cooking times are included for all the recipes, and codes are applied to each dish to identify them as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. With access to the best of two worlds, the people along the Silk Road created food unlike any other. In Silk Road Vegetarian, author Dahlia Abraham Klein pulls from her Silk Road heritage and compiles meals that honor what is meaningful about cooking and eating a connectedness to place, history, and family.

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