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Mrs. Witty's Monster Cookies

Mrs. Witty's Monster Cookies

by Helen Witty


Witty by name, witty by cookie descriptor. Mrs Witty’s adorable slim volume of cookie recipes divides her cookies by size, from bite-sized to 12-inch ultimate monsters, which include her classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Tapping into what in 1983 she called “the cookie craze that more or less grips the nation today,” the book went on to win the prestigious R.T. French Tastemaker Cookbook Award (now the James Beard Award). Witty assures us that her “cookies are not fattening – so long as they’re eaten standing up!” Well, that’s ok, then.

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A showcase of 50 gooey and chewy step-by-step recipes developed by Helen Witty, the noted cook and senior editor of the landmark "Cooks' Catalog." From the bite-size subcompact monster, to the many-mouthful maxi monster, Mrs. Witty's cookies are artforms of crispiness, crunchiness, chewiness, or cakiness. The recipes are her personal collection of the tastiest concoctions she's come across over the years: Coconutties, Bourbon Fruitcake Bars, Shortbreads, Toffee Tops, Peanut Butter Honeys, and more. Here are newtons packed with dates, wafers laced with nuts, soft confections overstuffed with fruit. Winner of a 1984 Tastemaker Award. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club and Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service

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