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The Mountain Cafe Cookbook

The Mountain Cafe Cookbook

by Kirsten Gilmour

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Legendary breakfasts to fuel days on the mountain; inventive, zesty salads and indulgent and luxurious cakes: these are all hallmarks of Aviemore's Mountain Cafe in the Scottish highlands. Owner-chef Kirsten Gilmour draws on her Kiwi roots to turn out contemporary dishes with an antipodean love of fresh and bold flavours, and in her debut cookbook she shares her secrets and inspirations with you.

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Ghillie Basan

Writer, broadcaster, and food anthropologist

A one-way ticket from New Zealand led this young Kiwi to the Cairngorms where her family recipes for mammoth cakes and hearty ranch-style soups put Aviemore on the culinary map. The winner of numerous awards, Kirsten is a talented chef and a lively character on the Scottish food scene but she also knows the importance of paying and treating her staff well.