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Gabriel Kreuther: The Spirit of Alsace

Gabriel Kreuther: The Spirit of Alsace

by Gabriel Kreuther


Tradition meets the contemporary in this wonderful Alsatian cookbook. The first half of the title explores recipes from Kreuther’s upbringing in a farm in rural Alsace, “a region that, while physically part of France, is culturally neither France nor Germany but a spiritual mixture of both”. Think Tarte Flambée, Spaetzle and Farmer’s Beer Soup. Later the book features ultra-modern Alsace-influenced recipes from his New York restaurant.

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Gabriel Kreuther is the cookbook fans of the James Beard Award-winning chef have long been waiting for. From one of the most respected chefs in the United States, this cookbook showcases the recipes inspired by Kreuther’s French-Swiss-German training and refined global style, one that embraces the spirits of both Alsace, his homeland, and of New York City, his adopted home. Sharing his restaurant creations and interpretations of traditional Alsatian dishes, Kreuther will teach the proper techniques for making every dish, whether simple or complex, a success. Recipes include everything from the chef's take on classic Alsatian food like the delicious Flammekueche (or Tarte Flambée) and hearty Baeckeoffe (a type of casserole stew) to modern dishes like the flavorful Roasted Button Mushroom Soup served with Toasted Chorizo Raviolis and the decadent Salmon Roe Beggar’s Purse garnished with Gold Leaf.

Featuring personal stories from the chef's childhood in France and career in New York as well as stunning photography, Gabriel Kreuther is the definitive resource for Alsatian cooking worthy of fine dining.

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