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My Big Fat Greek Cookbook: Classic Mediterranean Soul Food Recipes

My Big Fat Greek Cookbook: Classic Mediterranean Soul Food Recipes

by Christos Sourligas and Evdokia Antginas


Author Christos Sourligas describes this book as “our family’s gift to the world.” Compelled to document his food-loving Greek-born mother’s recipes, Sourligas spent a year in her kitchen, learning her dishes (and much more besides). Woven among the recipes for taramasalata and pastichio are rich servings of history, humor, and the evident love of a son for his mother.

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My Big Fat Greek Cookbook is a comprehensive, contemporary overview of Greek food, recipes, and family culture as documented by the son of a Greek immigrant as his mother neared the end of her life. This is more than just a list of ingredients or series of steps, of course. It’s filled with simple recipes, gorgeous photographs, traditional meals, memories, and tidbits of information that draw family and friends to Greek tables time and again. It has everything from iconic egg-lemon sauce to rich soups, sweet pies, and traditional delicacies like rabbit stew and octopus with pasta, accompanied by tales of Greek history and insight into cultural nuances.

“Who doesn’t love Greek food? Years ago, I was invited to Greece to write an article about its cuisine and I had the privilege to stay with a local Greek family. That family’s sense of generosity and pride came rushing back to me when I read Christos’s family recipes and memories.” —Ricardo Larrivée, chef and owner of Cafe Ricardo, host of Ricardo and Friends (Food Network), and author of Vegetables First

“Bravo, Christos. Documenting the treasure trove of recipes in a Greek kitchen isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort. I can’t wait to pull up a chair and join the feast!” —Marisa Churchill, Top Chef competitor and author of Sweet & Skinny

“Christos has captured the essence of Greek home cooking through this collection of his mother’s recipes. An easy-to-read cookbook, emphasizing the simplistic beauty of Greek cuisine.” —Peter Minaki, author of The Big Book of Mediterranean Recipes

“This cookbook is as much about love as it is about food. A love for family, a love for Greek food, and most of all, a love for the author’s mother, who expressed her affection for friends and family through her cooking. Food was her language of love, her recipes preserved for all time in this touching tribute.” —JB Macatulad, willflyforfood.net

“Christos shows us how to make healthy and nutritious recipes, including plant-based meals, and quite honestly inspires us all to own our culture and heritage. Greek cuisine is such a powerful way of eating and surely this book will transform us all.” —Maria Koutsogiannis, author of Mindful Vegan Meals, food stylist, photographer and writer for FoodByMaria

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