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The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine

The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine

by International Culinary Center, French Culinary Institute, Cesare Casella and Stephanie Lyness


The 180+ recipes in this reference work from the former French Culinary Institute in New York City marks something of a departure: its focus is on Italian technique rather than classical French – although its step-by-step approach is similarly detailed. The making of pasta, antipasti, soups, breads and more is all carefully, explained.

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The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine is a comprehensive guide to traditional Italian cooking. The book teaches the skills necessary to master both the art and the science of classic Italian cuisine, as presented by The International Culinary Center’s School of Italian Studies. With more than 200 recipes, detailed instructions on the professional techniques required to prepare them, and hundreds of photographs, this one-of-a-kind cookbook will appeal to both home cooks and working chefs. The book begins with “Flavors of Italy,” an overview of the primary ingredients used in Italian cooking. The recipes that compose the core of the book are organized in 20 chapters, from antipasti, stocks, sauces, and soups to pasta, risotto, pizza, fish, meats, vegetables, and a spectacular array of desserts. The final section is an encyclopedic glossary of Italian cooking techniques, each illustrated with precise step-by-step photographs.

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