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Making Dough

Making Dough

by Russell van Kraayenburg

from the publisher

Perfect for chefs and home bakers alike, this cookbook makes it easy to make puff pastry, sweet crusts, pate a choux, croissants, brioche, and more from scratch! With clear instructions and helpful diagrams, chefs will learn how the ratio of just five ingredients--flour, butter, water, sugar, and eggs--can be tweaked to bake a patisserie's worth of delectable desserts and savory treats. Delectable recipes both savory and sweet for treats like Cheddar Bacon Biscuits, Root Vegetable Spiral Tarts, Cherry Cheesecake Danishes, and Salted Caramel Eclairs give plenty of tasty spins on the basic formulas. And with plenty of tips and tricks to up your baking game, it's a snap to riff on the recipes and invent your own incredible pastries.

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Quirk Books
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