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Bake and Decorate

Bake and Decorate

by Fiona Cairns


British baker Fiona Cairns is no stranger to celebrity; she baked the cake for the wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton in 2011, and her clients range “from rock stars to royalty.” Keen decorators will be delighted with cake designs for the likes of Alice’s Teapot, Football Boots, and more (and yes, there are simpler recipes, too).

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Baking and cake decorating have never been more popular. And whereas there are many books on the market which teach how to decorate cakes to a high finished standard, there are very few which focus on delicious cake recipes and simple but effective decoration. If you thought cake decorating was costly and difficult, this is the book that will change your mind forever. Fiona Cairns is bursting with new ideas for making delicious, visually stunning cakes and biscuits easy - even for the least experienced cook - and for far less money than you thought. From an eye-popping gold leaf-encased torte for a special celebration, to wickedly sophisticated chocolate-chilli cupcakes, Fiona shows every aspiring hostess how to achieve glamorous, fun entertaining from her own kitchen, using easy techniques and tricks that make cake decorating achievable for all. Fiona's cake recipes have the sensual deliciousness often lacking in the sterile creations of other cake decorators. Be transported to a summer garden by the whole crystallised roses on top of a cake filled with the heady flavours of orange blossom and pistachio, or celebrate springtime with a white chocolate cardamom truffle cake, adorned with sugar eggs and fresh spring leaves. Children and the young at heart alike will adore the warmth of Fiona's cakes baked inside ice-cream cones, topped with pastel buttercream that won't melt in the sun, while everyone can now enjoy the vegan fruit cake recipe that formed the centrepiece for Heather Mills' marriage to Paul McCartney. Here, finally, is the cake book where every recipe is a keeper and each stunning creation made easy to achieve.

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Jacqui Pickles


This really is a bit of a bible for baking. Her third book, Seasonal Baking, is another excellent collection of baking ideas.