The Dim Sum Field Guide

The Dim Sum Field Guide

by Carolyn Phillpps

from the publisher

A whimsically illustrated yet authoritative guide to the "taxonomy" of dim sum, based on a popular "Lucky Peach" story.
Author and illustrator Carolyn Phillips demystifies the rich, nuanced culinary institution of teahouse snacks in"The Dim Sum Field Guide," a pocket-size, definitive resource featuring 80 hand-drawn illustrations. With entries for all the dim sum classics--including siu mai, xiaolongbao, char siu, roast duck, and even sweets like milk tarts and black sesame rolls--this handy reference is perfect for bringing on-the-go to your next dim sum outing. Armchair travelers and Asian food enthusiasts alike will be delighted by this detailed yet accessible look at the distinctly Chinese art of eating well."

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Chris Bulow

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This pocket-sized little diamond of a book, covers what some may choose simply to see as a ‘niche’ or marginal food item; ignore those people, they are fools. Dim sum is the food of the gods — in bite size, wondrous, translucent packages. If any further proof were needed, such celestial packages have been found in the tomb of a Tang dynasty nobleman, dating from over 1300 years ago. Author Carolyn shows why this ‘simple’ dumpling remains such a beautiful food item. Eminently portable, ready anywhere, a song on the palate and on the eyes; just like her book. Try the Deep Fried Milk or Garlic Chive Packets.