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Meals That Heal One Pot

Meals That Heal One Pot

by Carolyn Williams

from the publisher

Inflammation can make life difficult. Beyond the fact that it's the root of major diseases - from Alzheimer's and arthritis to heart disease and cancer - it can also cause annoying everyday problems, like trouble concentrating, low energy, joint pain, forgetfulness, skin irritation, and even periodic anxiety and depression.
But there's good news: Chronic inflammation can be calmed with healthy lifestyle and diet changes, and making these changes is simpler than ever with Meals That Heal - One Pot. Dietitian Carolyn Williams has created a menu of quick, easy-to-make recipes with healthy ingredients scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. These meals, all prepared in 15 minutes or less, prove that convenient cooking-using tools like an instant pot, slow cooker, microwave, sheet pan, or air fryer - doesn't have to be unhealthy.
Meals That Heal - One Pot also includes a comprehensive guide to how inflammation impacts the body and mind, analyzing how it might affect you and helping to craft a personalized anti-inflammation diet. With this book, anyone can start preventing or reversing disease through food - instantly.

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