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The Thinking Girl's Guide To Drinking: (Cocktails without Regrets)

The Thinking Girl's Guide To Drinking: (Cocktails without Regrets)

by Ariane Resnick


‘Think before (and while) you drink,’ could be this book’s motto. It’s not about saying no to alcohol – bourbon, wine, vodka, and vermouth all make an appearance – nor is it about glorifying ‘detoxifying’ juices and smoothies above all other beverages. It’s more about finding a middle way, of drinking mindfully, occasionally, and not to excess. Cheers to that.

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This edgy cocktail book includes more than 100 recipes for delicious alcoholic drinks and mocktails that are made from quality, healthful ingredients and include healing properties with nutritional benefits to keep you feeling sexy, healthy, and fabulous.

The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Drinking is all about showing you how you can, and should, enjoy drinking healthfully. Author Ariane Resnick wants to wipe away the notion that drinking healthfully has to mean downing glasses of green smoothies and juices and otherwise starving yourself. Sure, detox drinks have a time and a place, but there’s no need to suffer and live without the things you love. The key to drinking cocktails when you’re trying to be mindful is drinking in moderation and using wholefoods and high-quality ingredients that both taste delicious and have health value and nutritional benefits.

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