Goat: Cooking and Eating

Goat: Cooking and Eating

by James Whetlor

from the publisher

James knows an awful lot about goats.' – Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall

We should all be eating more goat! It’s sustainable, ethical, highly nutritious and low in calories. Why, then, does it remain so underused and misunderstood? This book tells the story of how food and farming culture developed in the west without the help of this staple of global agriculture, and showcases the best recipes from around the world using this fabulous beast.

Utterly delicious cooked fast and lean, or slow-cooked in curries, stews, braises and roasts, from kebabs to stir-fries to sausages, goat is the one meat we should all be eating more of. With 100 dishes created by Cabrito’s founder James Whetlor, plus a foreword by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and guest recipes from world-renowned chefs including Yotam Ottolenghi, Gill Meller, Neil Rankin and Jeremy Lee, Goat is a ground-breaking, bold cookbook.

Essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in food and the way we eat today, and set to be the definitive guide on the subject for years to come, Goat is a genre-defining book.

50 per cent of the royalties from the book will be donated to Farm Africa.

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Consuming passions: goat

Consuming passions: goat

October is ‘Goatober.’ Founded in New York in 2011, the initiative is now a worldwide phenomenon that aims to prolong the lives of billy goats and to encourage more people to cook with this ethically produced meat. If you haven’t cooked with goat, now may be the time to develop a passion for this wrongfully underrated meat.