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Slow Dough, Real Bread

Slow Dough, Real Bread

by Chris J L Young


Author Chris Young is coordinator of the influential Real Bread Campaign in the UK, which champions bread made without the use of processing aids or other artificial additives. Young clearly explains what terms such as autolyse, hydration, and pre-ferment mean, without getting too mind-bogglingly technical. Recipes are collected from some of Europe’s leading bakers. For anyone new to the joys of sourdough, this book is an unbeatable starting point – although there’s plenty here for experienced sourdough bakers, too.

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Baking bread is an ancient craft; kneading the dough to produce a loaf is a fulfilling experience. But in industrial production, and even in the modern kitchen, one important ingredient is often left out of bread making time. As the experienced bakers from the Real Bread Campaign will tell you, long and slow is far more satisfying than a quick finish. A long-proved loaf has more time to develop flavour, has a better texture and, in the case of genuine sourdough, might actually have health benefits.

Slow Dough: Real Bread shares with you secrets from the experts on how to make a huge array of slow-rise breads at home from basic brown, white and rye breads, to impressive loaves such as fig and fennel sourdough or goat's cheese and honey maslin, to a range tea breads, pizza doughs and classic international breads. You'll learn how to make different starters for different breads, as well as the fundamental processes: fermenting, kneading, proving, and baking. Treating Real Bread with the respect it deserves, there are also recipes such as gingery treacle tart, breadcrumb pakoras and panzanella for using up any that you may have left over, so you don't waste a crumb.

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