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Great Cooks and Their Recipes

Great Cooks and Their Recipes

by Anne Willan


Great Cooks and Their Recipes profiles fourteen of the greatest chefs from Europe and America, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. Including recipes suitable for German noblemen, the American founding fathers, and King Louis XIV himself, this cookbook takes you on a cultural tour of the dishes of the 1300s, the 1900s, and every century in between.

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In this book are represented many of the great cooks of the last six centuries, including the best known, Mrs Beeton, Fannie Farmer and Escoffier, as well as the less known such as Taillevent, Scappi, Martino and Robert May. 100 recipes are described. Anne Willan, who is a scholar and founder of the La Varenne Cooking School in Paris, describes the story of their background, techniques and innovations. Each recipe appears translated or transcribed in its original form alongside a modern version that is easily achievable in today's kitchen. This new edition has been illustrated with specially commissioned colour photographs together with contemporary paintings and engravings, and is virtually the first history of cooking seen through the lives and times of the cooks themselves.

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