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Cooking Apicius

Cooking Apicius

by Sally Grainger

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Sally Grainger has gathered, in one convenient volume, her modern interpretations of 64 of the recipes in the original text. This is not 'recipes inspired by the old Romans' but rather a serious effort to convert the extremely gnomic instructions in the Latin into something that can be reproduced in the modern kitchen which actually gives some idea of what the Romans might have eaten. Sally Grainger, therefore, has taken great pains to suggest means of replicating the particular Roman taste for fermented fish sauce. It may sound unpleasant, but actually is not too far removed from the fish sauces of the Far East and any reproduction of Roman cookery must depend on getting this particular aspect right.

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Prospect Books
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Patricia Michelson

Founder of La Fromagerie in London

Ancient recipes brought to life in the present day. Genius combinations.