Patricia Michelson

Patricia Michelson

Founder of La Fromagerie in London
The level of expertise La Fromagerie is renowned for can be witnessed in the unique walk-in cooled and humidified Cheese Rooms which Patricia created from her own design based on mountain maturing ‘caves,’ and where between 150-200 cheeses are on display with tasting notes. This perfectly ambient space keeps the cheeses in tip-top condition and customers can browse the shelves and taste before they buy. La Fromagerie also has a wholesale unit in Highbury, North London featuring five specially designed maturing rooms, interconnected but each at different temperatures and levels of humidity, where affineurs carefully ripen the cheeses to ensure they develop to optimum texture, taste and aroma; all reflecting the season and the terroir. All the cheeses are directly sourced from small independent cheesemakers, and Patricia and her team make frequent visits to the farms, as well as searching out new producers. Both shops conduct regular tutored tastings and dinner events based on seasonality and regionality, which are both educational and hugely covivial. La Fromagerie supplies some of the best restaurants and dining rooms in and around London. Patricia has worked with well known wine and spirit houses matching cheeses to their list, and she is noted for a fine palate when it comes to assessing partners for the more esoteric styles.
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