Cheese: Exploring taste and tradition

Cheese: Exploring taste and tradition

by Patricia Michelson

from the publisher

Following the enormous success of her first book, The Cheese Room, Patricia Michelson now unlocks the door of her award-winning Marylebone Village store, La Fromagerie, to share her knowledge and explore the world of artisan cheese.

She derives ongoing inspiration and fantastic produce from the many small independent cheese producers around the globe who supply her. For Patricia, these producers are unsung heroes – a source of great delight and a fount of knowledge. The book charts her cheese journey, explaining how one food source has inspired and supported a shop, a café and an international network of small producers, from the Savoie in France, home to raclette comtoise, via the British Devon countryside and Colston Bassett Stilton to the Lombardy hills of Italy and its celebrated taleggio valsassia.

By taking the reader on a journey, both geographical and inspirational, Patricia shares her own sense of discovery in her fascinating stories about the wonderful artisan cheeses from around the world. Patricia’s traveller’s tales are followed by explanations of the personalities of her many favourite cheeses as well as over a hundred accompanying recipes. Patricia’s enthusiasm for cheese and incredible knowledge are universally admired and hugely infectious – qualities that create a book of distinction and quality.

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