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The Robert Carrier Cookbook

by Robert Carrier

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The Robert Carrier Cookbook is an all-embracing work, a brilliant culmination of fifteen years of research, travel and writing, which will be recognised as one of the modern classics of cookery. In it, Robert Carrier leads the novice safely and surely through the preliminary stages of selecting, buying and preparing the basic ingredients, making the stocks, sauces and pastries that are the foundations of fine cooking, until finally the peaks of haute cuisine are reached and mastered. Nothing is missed the ideal kitchen and its equip ment, the art of entertaining at home, and an exhaustive survey of each main field of cookery, including the pitfalls! The Robert Carrier Cookbook is an indispensable addition to the culinary shelf ; the luxurious produc-tion of the book, its brilliant design and the magnificent colour plates, have all combined to make it a work of art in its own right a source of many hours of pleasure both in and out of the kitchen. 640 pages. Over 1,000 recipes. 48 full colour plates by some of the world's greatest food photographers.

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Author profile: Robert Carrier

Author profile: Robert Carrier

Taste of Morocco is the third title by the late Robert Carrier to be added to ckbk. Carrier played a pioneering role in enthusiastically advocating good food to audiences in Britain and America in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and his books sold in their millions. He spent several months each year in Marrakesh, and Morocco held a special place in his heart. To mark the appearance of Taste of Morocco on ckbk, Luke Honey remembers the chef and his influence in this author profile.

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Anna Thomas

Screenwriter, filmmaker and author

I had to include this old book in my list. In one sense I hardly use it now, but in another way it’s always with me: it was one of the first big, serious cookbooks I owned, when I was a poor college student and just teaching myself to cook. I learned so much from Robert Carrier. He was reliable. Years later, after I had written a successful cookbook myself, I was in London with my husband and we happened to go to Carrier’s for dinner (where we had a wonderful meal). It turned out to be the last night that it was open...

Patricia Michelson

Founder of La Fromagerie in London

The dinner party cookbook par excellence!