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Great Chefs of France

By Anthony Blake and Quentin Crewe

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Learn the secrets of highly esteemed French chefs of the twentieth century. Including recipes from Madame Point, Alain Chapel, Michel Guérard, and more, Great Chefs of France makes elegant dishes of these famed French chefs and their renowned hotels and restaurants accessible. More than just a cookbook, Great Chefs of France chronicles the impact each of these gifted cooks had on culinary France and beyond.

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Behind the Cookbook: Great Chefs of France

Behind the Cookbook: Great Chefs of France

Candida Crewe, daughter of food critic Quentin Crewe, reflects on the life of her father and how he came to pen what many chefs regard as one of the best books on French cuisine ever written, Great Chefs of France.

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Patricia Michelson

Founder of La Fromagerie in London

A glimpse of the finest chefs in France during its golden era, at work and at play, with recipes.

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