Mousseline de Grenouille ‘Paul Haeberlin’


Trim the feet off the frogs’ legs and put the legs into very cold water. Change the water every two hours until the legs are whitened and swollen. Dry them before cooking in a fish fumet with Riesling and shallots. Save the fumet and bone the frogs’ legs.

Make a fine fish mousse of sole and pike. Line buttered ramekins with some of the mousse.

Then make a Riesling sauce with the fumet. Warm the filleted frogs’ legs in the Riesling sauce. Ladle the frogs’ legs and some of the sauce into the ramekins and cover with the rest of the fish mousse. Poach in a bain-marie in the oven for about fifteen minutes.

Turn the ramekins out onto plates and add extra Riesling sauce to which finely chopped chives have been added.