On two separate tin sheets roast 900 grams of blanched almonds and 600 grams of hazel-nuts. Then peel the hazel-nuts Grind the nuts together with 1200 grams of granulated sugar and 100 grams of flour. Beat thirty-two egg-whites until very stiff and fold in the nut mixture without letting: the whites collapse. Put into four long, flat buttered and floured moulds and cook in a very hot oven for three or four minutes. A marjolaine has to have four layers of cake with three different layers of cream.

Chocolate cream: boil a litre of crème, mix in 1500 grams of bitter chocolate. Leave to cool.

Butter cream: to 125 grams of pounded butter, gradually add crème chantilly, until the butter will absorb no more.

Praline butter cream: the same as the butter cream filling with praline powder added.

Build up the cake, with the different creams as the filling between each layer of nut cake. Smooth the sides, cover them with shaved chocolate. Sprinkle icing sugar on the top.