Aiguillette de Caneton Glacé Rouennaise


Roast a duckling until it is just cooked. Remove it from the oven and let it cool. Lift the meat from the carcass. Break up the carcass and the bones. Put these into a large saucepan with a mirepoix of vegetables and the juices from the roasted duck.

Mix in some good Burgundy. Simmer this for about an hour. Strain and dispose of the bones. Pass the vegetables, with finely chopped duck’s liver and a little of the duck’s blood, through a fine sieve. Adjust the seasoning and pour in a glass of cognac.

Bone the legs and reshape them. Cut thex breast fillets into long, thin slices. Cover the meat with duck stock to which has been added a little gelatine.

Garnish the serving plate with balls of fresh foie gras rolled in chopped, fresh truffles.

Serve at room temperature with a salad of green beans and a julienne of mushrooms, celery and truffles. The dressing for the salad is made from mustard, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.