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Cooking in Ten Minutes

By Édouard de Pomiane

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Farrar, Straus & Giroux
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Uncomplicated and delicious, the 300 recipes assembled here can all be prepared in ten minutes – and in a saucepan or frying pan rather than a microwave. Ultra-rapid soups, instantaneous sauces, split-second egg dishes and quick-fire desserts all feature…. Pomiane's unique approach to cooking….Cooking in Ten Minutes is a book that belongs in every kitchen.

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Stephanie Jackson


Contains the most delightfully written recipe of all time: "Fry some chipolata sausages. Serve them very hot on a dish and on a second dish a dozen oysters. Alternate the sensations. Burn your mouth with a crackling sausage. Sooth your burns with a cool oyster. Continue until all the sausages and oysters have disappeared. White wine, of course." I treasure my first edition.

Vicky Hayward

Food writer

Does anyone capture the excitement of time spent in the kitchen quite so vividly? All Pomiane’s writing is fun, but I especially enjoy the riffs here on simple, quick cooking.

Patricia Michelson

Founder of La Fromagerie in London

Try and get an original copy - it is probably the most forward thinking cookbook ever written.

Elisabeth Luard

Food writer and illustrator

I gave a copy to each of my children when they left home. He's funny, too!

Randolph Moon

Restaurant owner

Harold McGee

Author and lecturer

Lindsey Bareham

Author and writer

Matthew Fort

Food writer and critic

Amanda Hesser

CEO & co-founder, Food52