Cooking with Pomiane

by Édouard de Pomiane


As the book’s ambitious title suggests, speed was tantamount to Édouard de Pomiane, the late Institut Pasteur scientist. In this delightfully short collection, meant for “men of action, dreamers, and scientists,” the provocateur offers a series of swift instructions for French staples such as hollandaise sauce, sautéed potatoes, and lamb a la Georgienne.

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Recommended by

Catherine Phipps

Food writer and author

Of all the many books on French cuisines, this is my favourite (second only to the Alice B Toklas cookbook in terms of entertainment value - this didn't make my list as I don't really cook from it, treat it more as a memoir). The writing is superb - matter of fact, self deprecating, beautifully descriptive, but what marks it out from other books is the scientific rigeur applied to the recipes. He explains why things work and why they don't. It's thanks to him my gratin dauphinois never curdles.

Catherine Pantsios

Chef and culinary educator

Sonia Cabano

Author, former chef & TV cook/presenter

Nick Lander

Food writer and restaurant consultant

Belinda Jeffery

Cookbook author