The Zuni Café Cookbook

by Judy Rodgers

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Recommended by

Hsiao-Ching Chou

Food journalist

Salting. I don’t know if Rodgers was the first to talk about salting proteins in a cookbook, but she certainly was an authority whom many professionals trusted and cited as the source of their own practice. Her story and the story of Zuni were important to have recorded. But it’s the section on salting – and the Zuni Cafe roast chicken recipe with bread salad – that taught me some cooking principles that have extended beyond the covers of this book.

Bee Wilson

Food writer and historian

This is one of those rare books that actually teaches you to become a better cook. It's worth it for the Chicken and bread salad alone (and the mock Porchetta and the orange-currant scones). Rodgers talks you through the minute details of a recipe with such intelligence that by the time you've cooked it a few times, you start to internalise her advice and develop better instincts.

Emily Dilling

Cookbook author and blogger

This is the most cherished cookbook in my collection. Every time I make one of the recipes I feel like Judy's spirit is in the kitchen with me, encouraging me to be fearless and taste as I go. Her book taps into all the senses and inspires cooks to trust their instincts.

Sybil Kapoor

Writer and broadcaster

You want to cook every recipe in this book from pickled grapes to Zuni Roast chicken with bread salad. However, what makes this book remarkable is the depth of information that Judy Rodgers gave in her cooking instructions. It's a wonderful cookbook.

Beth Vlasich Pav

Chef, Culinary Instructor, Food Stylist

Hands down it has the best Chocolate Pots d'Creme recipe! Which can be multiplied and multiplied and still come out perfect. And then I could talk days about how divine the Zuni Roast Chicken w/ Bread Salad is... great for dinner parties.

Brian Stewart

Podcast host

One of my first trips to California—before I made the state my home—included a meal at Zuni Cafe, which opened my eyes to what amazing California cooking was all about. The roast chicken and bread salad is worth every ounce of praise.

Catherine Phipps

Food writer and author

Few writers can capture the essence of a recipe in the way Judy does. She is meticulous and detailed but nothing is extraneous and I feel as though I've learnt more about food and cooking from this book more than any other.

Charlie Lee-Potter

Writer, broadcaster and academic

There will be people who'll tell you to buy this book for the roast chicken and bread salad. But what you really need it for are the pickled red onions. As pink as Calpol, as piquant as anything you'll ever taste.

Skye Gyngell

Chef and Author

Probably my all-time favourite. It has sat by my bed for over a decade. I return to it time & time again. Kudus pure, precise voice never fails to galvanise me to be the best cook I can be.

Maggie Hoffman

Food & drink writer

It's not flashy, but this is a classic for a reason. You, too, can make the best chicken of your life, even if you don't have a wood-burning oven. There's a must-eat Caesar salad, too.

Diana Henry

Award-winning food writer and author. Columnist at The Sunday Telegraph

A book to ‘work through’ as there is so much knowledge here. It’s full of the kind of food I want to eat and expresses the ethos of a restaurant that was ahead of its time.

Paula Forbes

Food writer and cookbook author

If you want to learn to cook well—really well, California-well, vibrant and seasonal and light and flavorful-well—it has to be Judy Rodgers' Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

David Prior


The quiet rigor of Rodgers and the timelessness of Zuni is evident on every page. She only wrote one cookbook, good thing it is a perfect one.

Patricia Michelson

Founder of La Fromagerie in London

Modern cooking with accent on produce and simplicity with a narrative that makes you want to learn from Judy Rodgers and become a disciple.

Ken Concepcion


Seminal work that wonderfully looked at California cuisine and the technique and thought process behind dishes. Still very relevant today!

Julia Platt Leonard

Writer and Food Consultant

Judy helped change the way we eat. The recipes have stood the test of time and her writing about food, cooking and eating is beautiful.

Ivan Orkin


I love her story, and I love that rather than just giving recipes, she gives you path to find your own way.

Maria Elia


Simply love this book, not only a joy to read but full of wisdom and wonderful recipes.

Jonathon Sawyer

Chef/Owner The Greenhouse Tavern, Noodlecat, Trentina, Tavern Vinegar Co. Cleveland, OH

Gateway drug to curing, brining and pre seasoning

Jon Bonné


A masterpiece of purity in technique.

Fred Smith

Beef at Flat Iron

So many great recipes.

Celia Sack

Proprietress of Omnivore Books

David Kinch

Chef and Proprietor

Clark Wolf

Consultant and writer

Cathy Strange

Whole Foods Market Global Cheese Buyer

Jonah Straus

Founder and principal of Straus Literary

Harold McGee

Author and lecturer

Rachel Khong

Senior Editor Lucky Peach

Adaobi Okonkwo

Blogger of dobbyssignature

Aglaia Kremezi

Food writer and journalist

Hamish Ingham

Executive Chef Bar H Surry Hills

Judy Joo

Chef, Author and TV personality

Chris Cosentino

Executive Chef/Co-Owner, Cockscomb and Co-owner/Partner, Boccalone Salumeria

Catherine Pantsios

Chef and culinary educator

Lynne Curry

Food writer

Tamar Adler

Food writer

Robert McCullough

Publisher of Appetite

Barbara-Jo McIntosh

Author and food professional

Christopher Hirst

Food journalist and restaurant critic

Robyn Eckhardt

Food and travel journalist and author

Brandon Jew

Chef/owner, Mister Jiu; San Francisco, CA

Molly Wizenberg

Blogger and cookbook author

Kasey Wilson

Food & travel writer, broadcaster and author

Ford Fry

Chef and Managing Partner

Anthony Myint

Co-Founder - Mission Chinese Food, Commonwealth, The Perennial, Zero Foodprint

Molly Stevens

Cookbook author

Paula Disbrowe

Writer, recipe developer and cookbook author

Andy Ricker

Chef/Owner Pok Pok Restaurants

Cathy Barrow

Author of the food blog Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Kitchen

Jeremy Lee

Executive Chef Patron, Quo Vadis, Soho

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Tracey Ryder

Co-founder of Edible Communities

Alexandra Stafford

Food writer and photographer

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Founder of Wahaca, chef and writer

Michael Anthony

Executive Chef/Partner