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Taste of Korea

Taste of Korea

by Young Jin Song

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This title helps you discover the secrets of one of the world's great hidden cuisines, defined by strong flavours and complex tastes. Over 75 deliciously fiery, aromatic and robust recipes include classic dishes, regional specialities, home-kitchen favourites, and sizzling street food. A fascinating introduction explains the history of Korean cooking, followed by a visual guide to all the traditional ingredients and how to prepare and use them. There are over 300 colour photographs, with stunning pictures of every finished dish. It features easy-to-follow illustrated step-by-step instructions to ensure perfect results every time. This book sets out to reveal the secrets of this great, unexplored, centuries-old culinary tradition in a way that is accessible, understandable, practical and achievable in the Western kitchen. It opens with a comprehensive introduction to the history, flavours and styles of this unique cuisine, including everything you need to know about regional and local ingredients, classic equipment and special skills and techniques. Then come the treasures: delicious, fiery, aromatic and robust recipes which form a collection that summarises the classic Korean repertoire. Each recipe has a detailed ingredients list, a breakdown table of nutritional values, cooking instructions and a colour photograph of the finished dish.

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