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Fusion: A Culinary Journey

Fusion: A Culinary Journey

by Peter Gordon


Gordon is a master of the fusion style of cooking that he helped to create and proliferate. For this book, Gordon traces his cooking style to the countries he traveled to that most influenced his cooking style – Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Spain, Turkey and the UK. The recipes are pure creative genius.

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Growing up in a small town in New Zealand, Peter Gordon didn’ t discover avocados or sushi until he moved to Australia in his late teens. From there he travelled to Asia where a whole new culinary world opened before his eyes.

Often dubbed the ‘ father of Fusion cuisine’ – a culinary style that integrates various regional flavours and cooking techniques in order to create innovative new tastes – Peter reveals in Fusion: A Culinary Journey how he developed his unique culinary philosophy, influenced by his travels around the world, exploring different cuisines, foods, tastes and cooking ideas.

For anyone who thinks they have never eaten – or perhaps have no interest in- fusion cuisine, this book is a real eye-opener: as Peter says, without Fusion, the Italians wouldn’ t be serving Polenta – as corn and maize are from the Americas; Thai’ s wouldn’ t have chillies, peanuts or coriander; the Spanish couldn’ t serve their delicious grilled toast rubbed with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes -as tomatoes too are from another continent.

Illustrated with stunning photography from renowned photographer Jean Cazals, Peter takes us on a journey through Asia, Europe and the Pacific and presents 80 delicious recipes plus the key ingredients that epitomise Fusion cuisine.

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