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Strong and Northern: The Henderson's Relish Cook Book

Strong and Northern: The Henderson's Relish Cook Book

by Katie Fisher

from the publisher

More great recipes from the beloved Yorkshire sauce - Henderson's Relish.

Following the success of their 2014 cook book, Henderson's Relish's follow up title showcases the spicy Yorkshire sauce in all its glory. Strong and Northern - The Henderson's Relish Cook Book is a reminder of what people use Hendo's for every day: splashing over their favourite meals, whether that's a proper pie or Friday fish and chips.

Henderson's Relish remains an independent family-owned business with deep roots and pride in the Sheffield community, which has served it so well for over a century. Henderson's is a Sheffield institution, adorning the kitchen tables and cupboard shelves of South Yorkshire families for generations - with fans now appearing all over the world.

Recipes include a selection of pies and pastries, family favourites, one pot options, vegan dishes and sides; all the kinds of things that Henderson's Relish mouth-wateringly enhances. In a city which has given the world so much in the form of manufacturing, music, film, art and sport - Henderson's Relish remains a source (or should that be sauce?) of great admiration for Sheffielders. It embodies the very essence of what makes the city great; the cultural lifeblood behind its character and surely its favourite table sauce.

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