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Japanese Food Made Easy

Japanese Food Made Easy

by Aya Nishimura


The author, a London-based chef and food stylist, handily dispels the myth that cooking Japanese food is beyond the skill level of the average home cook. The look is clean and stylish, with beautiful line drawings and crisp photography. The author keeps things simple with a list of just 25 key ingredients needed to pull together the recipes for bar food, main meals, bowl food, desserts, drinks and more.

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Japanese home cooking is simple - no need for the difficult techniques or hard-to-find produce sometimes used in restaurants. All you need are the well-selected ingredients and seasonings that elevate a dish to something truly special.

Japanese Food Made Easy showcases favourite recipes such as ramen, gyoza, teriyaki and tonkatsu, as well as Japanese dishes generally eaten at home, such as grilled peppers with bonito flakes, kakiage fritters and homemade fried tofu. You'll discover how to make your own teriyaki sauce, tonkatsu sauce, miso dressing and shichimi togarashi (seven chilli mix) - these homemade versions are a healthier alternative to store-bought and will bring instant flavour to the simplest dish. There are also recipes for making dashi broth, sushi or sashimi from scratch, for those who want to try making more traditional Japanese food.

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