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The Joy of Better Cooking: Life-changing skills & thrills for enthusiastic eaters

The Joy of Better Cooking: Life-changing skills & thrills for enthusiastic eaters

by Alice Zaslavsky

from the publisher

Confidence and intuition in the kitchen can be all yours! With a little help from the phenomenon that is Alice Zaslavsky in this joy-infused cookbook. Perfect for fans of Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi, Anna Jones and Alison Roman.

Better cooking is a lifelong journey. It's the flick of a wrist, pinch of the fingers, the whiff of a waft. It's intuition. It's flying hours and muscle memory, from childhood, through school and young-adult years, to bring-a-plates and dinner parties where you learn to keep things simple ... eventually.

But what happens when we miss a stage? Or three?

The Art of Better Cooking is an instruction manual, but you'd never know it. Alice Zaslavsky, master-mind behind the colourful debut (and award-winning) cookbook, In Praise of Veg presents a collection of 100 recipes (plus countless riffs) that you'll want to cook, on a weekly basis, with tips and tricks scribbled in the margins, and explanations where need be, so that by the time you're finished (never!) you'll have tripped over technique to a point where if feels second nature.

Starting with chapter one, entitled Really Outstanding Things Simply Thrown Together (hello All-seasons Avo Half and Wedge Caesar), through to Never Going Back (Fava Bean Felafel, Hubbababaganoush) and Making the Most of It (delicious ideas with leftovers, saggy bits and preserves). Then it's Loosen the Shoulders Time (Onion and Tomato Pie) and building up to Showstoppers and Centrepieces (yes you can make Salt and Pepper Creme Caramel).

All recipes are naturally veg-forward, with countless suggestions for making adaptations, spotlights on favourite produce and kitchen gadgets galore.

You are a better cook than you know. Here's the book that builds your confidence.

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