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Fire: A World of Flavour

Fire: A World of Flavour

by Christine Manfield

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With an insatiable appetite for travel, food and new experiences, Christine Manfield has traversed the globe in search of inspiration. Her quest has taken her from Istanbul to Tokyo, and from Hanoi to Marrakech. Now, in this rich and evocative volume, she shares her experiences: her favourite places, the memorable dishes she has enjoyed along the way, and the recipes they have inspired her to create. Her verve and irrepressible enthusiasm make her an excellent travelling companion, and, with more than 300 recipes, her book is full of fresh ideas for your next meal . . . or your next big trip.

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Author Profile: Christine Manfield

Author Profile: Christine Manfield

Christine Manfield is one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, and we are delighted to have six of her books now available on ckbk. In this exclusive author profile for ckbk, fellow chef and author Roberta Muir speaks to Christina about her career, her restaurants, and her cookbooks.
Consuming Passions: Fire

Consuming Passions: Fire

Marcus Bawdon is obsessed by cooking with fire. It’s an all-encompassing passion that he loves to share with people via his vibrant Country Wood Smoke website, Facebook group and YouTube channel; through demonstrations and appearances at food and BBQ festivals across Britain, and as editor of UK BBQ Mag. He was crowned king of Meatopia BBQ festival, is a judge at BBQ events such as Grillstock, and makes regular appearances in the media to talk all things related to outdoor cooking.

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Brilliantly well-​written book​; fabulous recipes that just keep on giving​; wonderful combi​nations.​