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EAT.TING: Lose weight, gain health, find yourself

EAT.TING: Lose weight, gain health, find yourself

by Anna Trapido and Mpho Tshukudu

from the publisher

Mpho Tshukudu and Anna Trapido offer healthy eating solutions based on traditional southern African food, and modern versions of time honoured favourites. From gluten-free sorghum flapjacks to salads featuring low-GI, ancient grains, this book is all about great-tasting South African superfoods. Find out how to cook foraged traditional greens and explore new takes on nose-to-tail eating. How about a modernised tshidzimba with oven-roasted tomatoes? Or an updated inhloko with spiced pumpkin salad? Perhaps a comforting bowl of classic mofokotso? It’s all here, plus many more innovative, delicious dishes that are very good for you too.

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Yemisi Aribisala

Food writer

I have to admit to buying this book impulsively because it is the first food book with black authorship that I have seen since I came to the Western Cape. “…chickens from the shop don’t taste good…their muscles are soft even if it says “free range” on the packet. I go to Diepsloot to buy a real ‘Hard Body’ township chicken.” There is a sense of rightness with the world when a book confesses that. There’s millet uphoko, sorghum, anise and yogurt millet breakfast porridge, classic Dikgobe-black eyed beans cooked with sorghum. Overjoyed to find mucilaginous root vegetables – amadumbes cookedwith bacon, cream and rosemary; 5-hour oven cooked oxtail and tripe and trotters curry. Mabele (sorghum meal) with coconut cream and peanut butter. Amasi curd cheese.