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Reuben at Home

Reuben at Home

by Reuben Riffel


Long before he was a chef in restaurants in Franschhoek and the wine country, MasterChef South Africa judge Reuben Riffel cooked with his mum, which is where he learned the importance of good food. This book is something of a logical progression, with recipes from his mum, grandparents, and extended family, as well as his own family-friendly creations.

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Reuben at Home offers readers a glimpse into the life and loves of Reuben Riffel when he’s not cooking in restaurant kitchens, running successful restaurants or appearing in front of the TV cameras. This is a personal, honest account of how Reuben feels about food and the way in which he chooses to feed his family and friends in his own home.

These recipes, all created by Reuben, were inspired by his memories of happy family meals and his favourite flavours from childhood. These are tastes he remembers from his past and which he now chooses to share with those he loves.

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