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Meat Manifesto

Meat Manifesto

by Andy Fenner


Cape Town-based chef and butcher Andy Fenner is committed to cooking with meat that is ethically reared, and this book marks his pledge to inform and educate people about what exactly that term means. How to recognize and cook with good meat, treating it with respect, is what it is all about, and the nose-to-tail recipes support Fenner’s eloquent case.

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Andy believes you can't sell meat unless you know what to do with it and, in between personal food philosophies and agricultural insights, the book celebrates various cuts of meat, by introducing readers to them and offering delicious recipes best suited to each specific one. Andy smokes, grills and roasts his way through beef, pork, lamb, venison, poultry and even goat as recipes range from exotic (tongue, ears and offal) to basic (how to grill a pork chop).

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