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ckbk and Eat Your Books: link-up and special offer

Eat Your Books (EYB), a website launched in 2009, is an incredible resource, indexing the recipes contained in many thousands of cookbooks. The Eat Your Books website doesn’t itself include the full recipe, but if you have a substantial collection of print cookbooks, EYB is still extremely helpful. As a type of specialist ‘Google for cookbooks’ it allows you to search across all the recipes in all the books on your virtual bookshelf, so you can then (with a bit of luck!) find the recipe in one of the books on your real-world bookshelves.

Today we are announcing a new collaboration between ckbk and Eat Your Books which makes it even easier for users of Eat Your Books to get straight to the cookbook recipe they need. From today, whenever a user finds a recipe indexed on Eat Your Books that is present in full on ckbk, there will be a direct link to get straight to that recipe on ckbk. Wherever you see one of the orange ‘ckbk’ links on Eat Your Books (as shown below), you can click directly though to the recipe on ckbk. No need to spend hours hunting down a book that may have been ‘borrowed’, or else fallen victim to an untimely Marie Kondo-inspired ‘purge’, and you can get to your recipes via ckbk even if you are out of town, on vacation, or out shopping.

The linking between EYB and ckbk is a work in progress, but already more than 67,000 ckbk recipe links from the 400 most popular books on ckbk have been added to EYB, and links for all of the 120,000+ recipes and 700+ books on ckbk are being added as EYB extends its coverage.


On the Eat Your Books site, books which are available on ckbk are clearly flagged with the ckbk logo….


Not only that, but you can now add all the indexed cookbooks from ckbk to the My Bookshelf page on EYB with a single click, as shown below. Once you have done this, all the recipes from these books will be automatically included when you search your EYB bookshelf (alongside any print cookbooks you own), with direct links to the recipes on ckbk.


For cookbook lovers who want to make the most of the print cookbooks in their personal library, while also using ckbk to discover new cookbooks and revisit old favorites online, the new ckbk / EYB integration offers the best of both worlds!

To celebrate the linkup, Eat Your Books is offering ckbk users an extended one month free trial of EYB membership. To take advantage of this offer, just sign up on the Eat Your Books website, click I HAVE A VOUCHER during checkout, and enter the code CKBK23.


Questions or suggestions about the ckbk / EYB cooperation? We’d love to hear from you – please get in touch!


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